Bulk Edit WooCommerce Products With Ease.

Setary is the smartest way to bulk edit WooCommerce products and variations — all in a lightning-fast spreadsheet environment.

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Lightning-fast bulk editor for WooCommerce products and variations

Setary makes bulk editing your WooCommerce products and variations a breeze. Quickly modify your product pricing, stock numbers, product name, and so much more.

  • Inline Editing — Setary uses a spreadsheet-style editor so all of your edits can be made without navigating to another screen.
  • Product Meta & Custom Fields — Easily edit and update product metadata and custom fields within Setary, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.
  • Save Hundreds of Hours — Make 1000s of edits in a fraction of the time it would take in the WordPress backend. Get your time back to spend on running your business.
  • AI-Enhanced Descriptions — Harness Setary’s powerful AI capabilities to effortlessly optimize your product descriptions.
  • Bulk Actions — Modify multiple cells in one go, adjust prices by percent or a fixed amount, add multiple products to a category with the click of a button, and so much more.
  • Coming Soon Views— Workspace setups for filters and columns.

Stock management and product pricing

Editing product prices and stock is normally a painful process. Speed up the process with Setary’s spreadsheet editor and save hours of time.

  • Stock Management — With Setary you can quickly edit product and variation stock in a familiar spreadsheet environment. No more second-guessing because you can preview all of your changes before publishing to your live environment.
  • Price Adjustments — Easily adjust prices for multiple products in a matter of minutes with minimal clicks. Setary is many times faster than editing prices via the dashboard.
  • Push to Multiple Stores — Push stock and price updates to multiple stores with one click.
  • Import and Export — Export cohorts of products to CSV and import CSV’s to keep everything synced with external systems.
Manage WooCommerce stock in bulk
Manage multiple stores in WooCommerce

Manage all your stores from one dashboard

Do you manage multiple stores? Add them all to Setary and save yourself even more time when editing products.

  • Multiple Stores — Quickly switch between up to 10 WooCommerce stores. Save yourself hours and simplify your product updates.
  • Teams— Multi-user stores, one plan..

Setary saves you hundreds of hours. Seriously.

Bryce Adams, founder of Metorik

“Setary is the perfect bulk editor for WooCommerce stores with large product databases, providing an unrivalled user experience. Bulk product management has never been easier!”

Bryce Adams


You deserve your time back — Get started with Setary today.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many products can I edit?

You can edit an unlimited number of products and variations on all Setary plans.

Can I edit product variations?

Yes, Setary includes product variations and all related fields for editing.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do have a free 7-day trial. You automatically get access to it when you sign up.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a 30-day refund policy. We’d love to help you first if you face any issues, but if you really want a refund still within 30 days, then we’re happy to give it.

How do I connect Setary to my store?

You can connect to your WooCommerce store with API keys. Take a look at the docs for more information.

Can I connect Setary to my Shopify store?

We are now in the final stages of development so welcome you to sign up to find out when we launch.

Is Setary a plugin?

Setary is an online app that connects to your WooCommerce store via the Rest API. It does utilize a helper plugin which you’ll install on your store to improve the performance of the app in receiving and updating records.

What plan do I need for a WordPress multi-site setup?

You will need a plan that covers the total number of stores you want to connect in your multi-site install. Each store in the multi-site counts as it’s own connection in Setary.

Do I need a Credit Card to try?

No, you can try out our DEMO for 48hours for free.