Another 2 months has flown past since your last change log update. Again, another great sprint of updates that we’ve published. Some much awaited core functionality has been added making Setary a one stop shop for handling WooCommerce product data.

Let’s start off with our big features:

Bulk Actions

Our brand-new feature that’s about to revolutionize your editing experience. Here’s why you’re going to love it:

One-and-Done Selection

Say goodbye to editing each product individually. Just select the products you want to update using the new checkbox column and let Bulk Actions handle the rest.

Versatile Editing Option

Whether you’re looking to ‘Set Value’, ‘Clear Value’, ‘Append Value’, or ‘Prepend Value’, we’ve got you covered. And there’s more. Options like ‘Replace Value’, ‘Increase Value by %’, ‘Decrease Value by %’, ‘Increase Value by Amount’, and ‘Decrease Value by Amount’ ensure you have total control over your edits.

Strategic Price Adjustments

Planning a seasonal sale and want to slash all product prices by a specific percentage? The ‘Decrease price by %’ option makes it a breeze. Need to update a product description or replace outdated terminology across your store? The ‘Replace String’ function is your go-to.

Bulk Actions isn’t just another feature; it’s a game-changer. It transforms the way you manage and edit products. Jump in, test it out, and enjoy a newfound level of efficiency.

Trash Products

Our latest feature simplifies the process of removing products from your online store, making inventory management more convenient. This feature enables you to efficiently declutter your store by easily removing outdated or discontinued items, all within a few clicks. Simply tick the product or bulk select the products from a filter and click trash. This will not delete the products just in-case you want to retrieve them but add them to the trash.

We believe this feature will help streamline your e-commerce operations and create a smoother shopping experience for your customers.

Third-Party Integrations

We’ve ramped up our game when it comes to integrating with some of your favorite WordPress plugins:

WP Fusion Integration

Make bulk edits to the tags associated with products – whether they’re purchased, refunded, or failed. It’s all about streamlining your processes.

LifterLMS Integration

Assigning products to specific memberships has never been easier. Plus, you can now quickly update those Call-to-Action buttons.

Working seamlessly with other platforms is a big part of our vision for Setary. These enhanced integrations are just another step in that direction. Let us know how they work out for you or if there are any other specific plugin integration you’d like us to look into.

The smartest way to bulk edit WooCommerce products

Try our demo now and see how you could save thousands of hours when managing your WooCommerce products.

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Really happy with the features we’ve released, this is going to make managing WooCommerce products even easier.

Now let’s jump into our improvements to make everything faster and fluent.


Display Variation Names

Now you can see product variation names right in the spreadsheet. No more guessing what each variation is.

Persistent Column Order

This is a follow-on from our previous release with being able to move columns around. You loved it, however you had to re-do the order everytime, so we jumped back in the code and made this custom order persistent. Rearrange your columns however you like, and Setary will remember it. The next time you open the app, everything’s right where you left it. If you ever want the original layout back, just hit the “Reset” in the “Columns” dropdown.

We’ve still got a big road map of features coming up and in development so keep and eye out and reach out to us if you need support or any feature/improvements you think will help you.

The smartest way to bulk edit WooCommerce products

Try our demo now and see how you could save thousands of hours when managing your WooCommerce products.

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