Setary makes it possible to update the categories assigned to your products. To do so, you will need to follow our special category syntax. The example should help get you started.

Let’s assume we want to add our product to the following categories:

The product category selector with “Clothing Items”, “Hoodies”, and “Plain” checked. “Hoodies” and “Plain” are both nested categories.

This product is in three categories, and two of those categories are nested. There are 2 rules to take note of when defining categories in Setary:

  • Categories are separated by the “pipe” character: |
  • Nested categories are separated by the “chevron” character: >

With that in mind, in order to add a product to the categories required, the categories field in Setary would look like this: Clothing Items | Clothing Items > Hoodies | Clothing Items > Hoodies > Plain

When nesting categories, the product will be added to the last category in the nest. As such, we need to add each category separately and separate them with the pipe character.

Note: If a category does not exist, Setary will create it for you. Double-check your casing and spelling!