Can you believe it’s April already! We’ve had a slow start to the year in terms of new features but we’ve been mainly focusing on product growth and getting Setary in front of the masses. We believe we’ve got Setary to a good place now with all core features in place so we’re keen to onboard as many WooCommerce users as possible.

We are  firm believer that EVERY WooCommerce user should use Setary for their product management needs. If you know anyone that uses WooCommerce, do let them know about Setary and be sure to sign up to our affiliate scheme to earn some commission for yourself!

We’ve also been planning out 2 big features, 1 of which is currently in development, so we will tell you about that first; Teams. That’s all 🙂 More to come…

Onto our small feature and fixes


Copy and paste images

Love this feature, small but super powerful, you can now copy and paste images from cell to cell. This will save a ton of time if you simply want to update duplicate photos or even test new photography layouts. It’s very very slow to do this in WP-admin so you’ll save a bunch of time here.

You can also copy and paste live URLs into the cells, see a preview of the image and save and it’ll download to your server. Super helpful. No more downloading and re-uploading. Just copy and paste and click save.


We feel it’s always worth mentioning the fixes as you may have spotted these things so it’s good you know that they’ve been resolved.

  • Bulk delete showing zero 
  • Attributes not exported to csv correctly
  • Fix flicker on filter dropdown; this was super annoying

That’s it for Q1. We’re really excited to release Teams into the wild which will be in the very near future so keep an eye out for that. 

As always, if there’s anything you’d like to reach out to us about, just send us an email or jump into live chat, there’s usually somebody on hand.

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