Teams is here

Another huge feature is now released, this will open up the ability to add clients or other team members to help manage your stores.

We’ve been requested this so much and it’s been painful to tell you that you have to share logins to be able to do this.

We’re so glad that you can now add as many emails as you wish to stores.

It also opens doors to agencies that wish to onboard their clients to Setary. 

The beauty of Teams is that team members do not have access to billing of store configuration, so there is still a single admin, this is great for users that just want to have separate logins. It also allows you to have larger Setary plans and then add different emails per store.

We’re happy for you now to sell on Setary to your clients. We’ve priced per user at a low cost than a single plan pricing so this should help negate the need for a truly white label product as adding a user is cheaper than the client having their own personal Setary store plan.

We really hope to see more users in Setary making your store product managment even more efficient.

To read our docs on how to add users to Setary, read here.

Any questions do let us know, also reach out on how you think we can make Teams even better. Should we set up different user types? If so what should they be?

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