One of our most awaited features has now gone live; the ability to add products. This rounds off a big sprint we’ve had, to get all WooCommerce core functionality into Setary making it a start to finish product for managing WooCommerce product data.

Adding Products

Adding products without importing is notoriously slow as you have to do this in sequence one at a time, the beauty of Setary’s latest release is we can add 10 new products all at once, so if they share data it’s a simple job to copy and paste cells or pull down copy cells and then publish them altogether.

WooCommerce also hides UI so for those that don’t often add products it can be frustrating to find the data input areas such as attributes. Setary’s WooCommerce spreadsheet editor makes this super simple and intuitive.

Product Type Switcher

Going hand-in-hand with Bulk Adding Products, we’ve released the ability to switch product type, this was needed to allow us to add variations to variable products when we add something new. Simply add a product, set the type to a variation and then the parent ID to the variable product. Simple.

Not a huge featured list this last 2 months but a much needed feature set none the less. We’ve got a number of enhancements to existing features we’d like to get done as well as some big features like import/export that we are looking into to round the year off.

Let us know what would help you save hours of time, your feedback is really key to our roadmap.

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