Happy New Year to you all.

New year, new Setary? Not quite, but we’ve released a big feature we’ve been working on for a long time. It’s much anticipated for those that need this in their workflow when working with third-parties.

Let’s dive into the updates:


Exporting products to CSV is crucial for ensuring compatibility with various suppliers. This process should be seamlessly integrated into your routine, possibly on a daily basis, to streamline operations. Therefore, it’s imperative that the export functionality is not only efficient but also user-friendly.

We ensure that the task remains straightforward be having such features as retaining filters and columns and doesn’t become a time-consuming burden. By making product export to CSV a hassle-free operation with Setary, you empower your business to effortlessly collaborate with different suppliers, fostering a smooth and efficient exchange of information.

You can read more about how to export products from WooCommerce.


Importing products from CSV into Setary is crucial for maintaining compatibility with different suppliers.

There might be a daily requirement for this task, so it’s essential to keep the process simple and straightforward. Ensuring ease of use in the import feature allows for a smooth and efficient daily routine, supporting seamless collaboration with various suppliers without unnecessary complications.

We allow a partial import and merge, or as complex as you wish.

If you get a price update from a supplier, just update the prices match with SKU, this saves a ton of work.

You can read more about how to import products into WooCommerce.

Smaller updates and fixes

  • Added a small fix on the product type filter not returning the correct products.
  • Fix AI generater not populating the correct cell.
  • Allow column resize, this has been super handy with long text names.

Going forward…

We really love to listen to your feedback, so if there is something you do daily in Setary and you’d like to make it even more efficient, let us know and we can see if we can help.

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